Lent Day 9: The House

Sep 18, 2019


Welcome to It Is Well Living Church's Lenten Devotionals, where we delve deep into the teachings and reflections of Lent. On Day 9, we explore the spiritual symbolism of the house and its significance in our faith journey.

The House as an Inner Sanctuary

Within the context of our faith and beliefs, the house serves as a powerful symbol of our inner sanctuary. Just as a physical house offers a safe space for shelter and refuge, our spiritual house—our soul—provides us with a sacred space for connection with God.

When we reflect on the symbolism of the house in relation to our faith, we discover that it represents the dwelling place of our soul, where we can seek solace and find peace. It is here, within the depths of our being, that we can nurture a deeper relationship with our Creator.

The House and Our Relationship with God

The house also signifies our relationship with God. As we invite God into the house of our heart, we open ourselves to divine guidance and transformation. Just as we maintain and decorate our physical houses, we must tend to our spiritual houses by fostering a strong and intimate connection with Him.

Through prayer, meditation, and contemplation, we create a welcoming atmosphere for the presence of God, making our spiritual house a sacred space where His love can reside and flourish. In essence, our relationship with God brings beauty, harmony, and purpose to our spiritual house, reflecting His divine presence within us.

The House and Our Role within the Community

Beyond our personal connection with God, the house holds significance in our role within the community and society. Just as a house provides shelter and nurtures the relationships of family members, our spiritual house extends its influence beyond ourselves.

Our faith and beliefs call us to be a beacon of light, extending the warmth and love of God to others. Like a house that provides shelter to those in need, we are called to open our hearts and homes to the marginalized, the vulnerable, and the lost. Through acts of service, love, and compassion, we can create a community that mirrors the love and unity found within a functioning and harmonious house.


As we reflect on Lent Day 9, we recognize and embrace the spiritual significance of the house in our faith and beliefs. It symbolizes our inner sanctuary, our relationship with God, and our role within the community.

May we continually strive to nurture and maintain our spiritual house, welcoming the presence of God and extending His love and grace to others. By doing so, we not only enrich our own lives but also contribute to the betterment and unity of the entire community.

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Harry-Lionel Salamin
Beautiful insight into spiritual symbolism.
Nov 10, 2023