Jobey Eddleman, MA - It Is Well Living Church

May 9, 2019
Staff & Leadership


Welcome to the profile of Jobey Eddleman, MA at It Is Well Living Church. As a prominent member of the community, Jobey brings his extensive knowledge and experience to the church, helping to shape and strengthen the values and beliefs of our congregation.

Background and Education

Jobey Eddleman holds a Master of Arts degree in Divinity Studies from a renowned theological institution. His studies have equipped him with a deep understanding of faith, theology, and spirituality. Jobey's passion for community and society has driven him to dedicate his life to serving as a spiritual leader, focusing on nurturing the beliefs and values of the It Is Well Living Church.

Role at It Is Well Living Church

As an integral part of the It Is Well Living Church, Jobey Eddleman plays a significant role in guiding the community towards spiritual growth, understanding, and compassion. Through his teachings, sermons, and mentorship, Jobey inspires individuals to live harmonious lives in alignment with their faith.

Expertise and Contributions

Jobey Eddleman's expertise lies in fostering a strong sense of faith and beliefs within the community. With his vast knowledge and experience, he provides guidance on navigating the challenges of modern life while staying true to one's spiritual values. Jobey's compassionate approach and deep understanding of human nature make him an approachable mentor for those seeking solace and guidance.

Community Engagement

Jobey Eddleman actively engages with the community, both within and outside the walls of It Is Well Living Church. He organizes and participates in various faith-based initiatives, encouraging individuals to come together and support each other. Through community outreach programs, Jobey strives to make a positive impact in the lives of those in need, fostering a sense of empathy, unity, and social responsibility.

Teaching and Guidance

With a natural ability to captivate audiences, Jobey Eddleman delivers inspiring sermons and teachings that resonate with individuals of all ages. He emphasizes the importance of personal growth, faith, and the fulfillment found in leading a purpose-driven life. Through his guidance, Jobey offers practical advice on integrating faith and beliefs into daily routines, empowering individuals to overcome challenges and find peace.

Embracing Diversity

At It Is Well Living Church, Jobey Eddleman fosters an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and welcomes individuals from all walks of life. He believes that diverse perspectives enrich the faith community, offering unique opportunities for personal growth and intercultural understanding. Jobey encourages dialogue and promotes respect, ensuring everyone feels accepted and valued within the church.


Jobey Eddleman, MA, is an essential figure at It Is Well Living Church, dedicated to guiding the community towards a deeper connection with their faith and beliefs. Through his expertise, compassion, and commitment, Jobey plays a vital role in shaping the vibrant and inclusive atmosphere of the It Is Well Living Church community.

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