Welcome to Boy Scouts Troop 213 - St. Charles Borromeo Church

May 1, 2019

At It Is Well Living Church, we are proud to host and support one of the most vibrant and active Boy Scout troops in the St. Charles Borromeo Church community. Boy Scouts Troop 213 offers a welcoming environment for young boys and teenagers, providing them with opportunities to develop important life skills, character, and leadership qualities.

Our Rich History

Boy Scouts Troop 213 has a long and illustrious history that spans over several decades. Founded in [insert founding year], our troop has consistently served as a pillar of the community, instilling values and fostering personal growth among its members.

Our Troop Values

As a part of Boy Scouts of America, Troop 213 is guided by the principles and values that scoutings stands for. We believe in promoting the development of young individuals in a supportive and inclusive environment. Some of our core values include:

  • Character Building: We aim to build character by encouraging Scouts to be honest, respectful, and responsible individuals.
  • Community Service: We actively participate in various community service projects, fostering a sense of compassion and responsibility towards others.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Boy Scouts Troop 213 organizes numerous outdoor activities, providing Scouts with opportunities to explore nature, develop survival skills, and learn teamwork.
  • Leadership Development: We believe in nurturing leadership qualities in our Scouts, helping them develop confidence, decision-making skills, and the ability to positively influence those around them.

Exciting Activities for Scouts

Boy Scouts Troop 213 offers a wide range of exciting activities designed to engage and challenge our Scouts. From overnight camping trips and hiking expeditions to aquatic adventures and community engagement, our troop ensures that there's never a dull moment. We organize regular meetings, merit badge programs, and leadership training sessions to equip our Scouts with skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Merit Badges

Merit badges play a vital role in a Scout's journey. They provide opportunities to explore various fields of interest, develop specialized skills, and challenge personal limits. Troop 213 offers an extensive range of merit badge programs, allowing Scouts to choose from a multitude of subjects such as environmental science, first aid, citizenship, wilderness survival, and much more!

Camping and Outdoor Adventures

One of the highlights of being a member of Boy Scouts Troop 213 is the chance to participate in exhilarating camping and outdoor adventures. Our troop regularly organizes camping trips to scenic locations, allowing our Scouts to experience the beauty of nature while learning essential camping skills, fire safety, navigation techniques, and environmental awareness.

Achievements and Recognition

Troop 213 takes immense pride in the achievements of our Scouts. Over the years, our troop has produced countless Eagle Scouts, the highest rank achievable in scouting. Our Scouts consistently excel in various activities, competitions, and service projects, earning accolades not only within the troop but also at regional and national levels.

Join Boy Scouts Troop 213

If you are looking for a supportive and engaging environment where your child can grow, learn, and have fun, consider joining Boy Scouts Troop 213 at St. Charles Borromeo Church. Our experienced leaders, dedicated volunteers, and welcoming Scouts will ensure a memorable scouting journey for your child.

Contact us today to learn more about Boy Scouts Troop 213 and how your child can become a part of this incredible scouting adventure!

Selma Langer
Great troop, fantastic opportunities! 🙌
Nov 8, 2023