28th Sunday Ordinary Time: Wisdom is the Experience of God

Jan 18, 2021

Welcome to It Is Well Living Church's webpage dedicated to the 28th Sunday Ordinary Time. On this day, we explore the significance of wisdom as the experience of God. Our community and society seek to foster a deeper spiritual connection and enhance faith and beliefs through the teachings and experiences we share.

Embracing the Wisdom of God

Wisdom, as understood in the context of our faith and beliefs, goes beyond mere knowledge. It encompasses the deep understanding and application of divine truths that guide our actions and shape our lives. This wisdom is not acquired solely through intellectual pursuits, but through an experiential relationship with God.

At It Is Well Living Church, we believe that wisdom is a gift from God, imparted through prayer, contemplation, and reflections on the scriptures. It is through God's grace and our openness to His teachings that we can gain true wisdom. As a community, we come together to support and learn from one another, sharing our collective experiences and insights on the path to wisdom.

Exploring the Scriptures

The scriptures hold a wealth of wisdom waiting to be discovered and applied in our lives. Each week, as we gather for the 28th Sunday Ordinary Time, we delve into the chosen biblical passages that shed light on the concept of wisdom. Through thorough analysis and interpretation, we aim to extract the timeless wisdom embedded within these texts.

Our dedicated team of theologians, scholars, and educators assist us in uncovering the layers of wisdom hidden within the scriptures. They provide comprehensive explanations, historical context, and thought-provoking insights that enrich our understanding of God's message. Together, we explore the themes, symbols, and language used in the readings, encouraging meaningful discussions that foster growth and self-reflection.

Learning from the Saints

The wisdom of God resides not only in biblical texts but also in the lives and teachings of the saints. These holy men and women have walked the path of faith, offering inspiration and guidance through their experiences. At It Is Well Living Church, we honor and study the lives of the saints to gain a deeper insight into the wisdom they attained.

Our community studies the writings and biographies of notable saints, analyzing their struggles, virtues, and spiritual journeys. Their stories serve as beacons of hope and examples of how we can apply divine wisdom to our daily lives. By studying the lives of the saints, we gain valuable insights, virtues to emulate, and the courage to face our own challenges with grace and resilience.

Nurturing Spiritual Growth

At It Is Well Living Church, our primary focus is on nurturing the spiritual growth of our members. We understand that wisdom is not a static concept but a continuous process of deepening our relationship with God. Through various programs, events, and ministries, we provide opportunities to foster this growth.

Our church offers regular prayer services, including contemplative prayer, which allows individuals to connect with the divine within and cultivate inner wisdom. We also organize retreats and spiritual workshops that provide an immersive experience for individuals seeking to dive deeper into their faith.

In addition, we offer study groups and discussion forums that encourage in-depth exploration of theological topics, biblical texts, and writings of renowned theologians and spiritual leaders. Through these opportunities, our community engages in dialogue, challenging and expanding each other's perspectives, and nurturing collective wisdom.

Join Our Community

If you are seeking to enhance your faith, deepen your spiritual connection, and embark on a journey of wisdom, we invite you to join our community at It Is Well Living Church. As a dedicated community and society, we strive to foster an environment where individuals can grow in their relationship with God.

Together, we explore the teachings of the scriptures and the lives of saints, allowing wisdom to permeate our lives and shape our actions. Through prayer, reflection, and collective learning, we seek to cultivate a vibrant spiritual community where all are welcome to seek and experience the wisdom of God.