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Dec 30, 2018
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Welcome to It Is Well Living Church, a beacon of hope, love, and faith. In this month's counseling updates for July 2022, we want to delve into the transformative power of writing letters to let go of pain. This practice has proven to be immensely helpful in finding healing and peace in our lives.

Why Writing Letters?

Writing letters can be a cathartic and therapeutic process. It allows us to express our deepest emotions and feelings, providing an outlet for the pain we carry within. By putting our thoughts onto paper, we begin to unravel our own narratives and gain clarity on our experiences.

The Healing Process

When we write letters to let go of pain, we embark on a journey towards healing. Through this process, we confront our past hurts, acknowledge our emotions, and ultimately find the strength to release them. The act of writing itself becomes a form of self-reflection, leading to personal growth and transformation.

Steps to Writing Letters for Letting Go

1. Find a Personal Sanctuary

Creating a calm and peaceful space for yourself can greatly enhance the letter-writing experience. Find a quiet corner of your home or seek solace in nature. Ensure that you are in a comfortable and distraction-free environment that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the process.

2. Set Clear Intentions

Before you begin writing, take a moment to set clear intentions for your letter. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve through this process. Is it forgiveness, closure, or simply letting go of pain? By clarifying your intentions, you can guide your thoughts and emotions towards the desired outcome.

3. Start Writing Authentically

Let your emotions flow freely onto the pages as you write your letter. Be honest with yourself and express whatever comes to mind. Remember, there's no right or wrong way to do this. What matters is that you allow yourself to be vulnerable and genuine in your words.

4. Practice Forgiveness

As you write, you may find it helpful to forgive yourself and others involved in the pain you're addressing. Forgiveness doesn't mean condoning what has happened; rather, it releases the emotional burden you've been carrying. Letting go of resentments and grievances can bring immense relief and pave the way for healing.

5. Seal and Release

Once you've poured your heart out onto the paper, consider sealing and releasing the letter. This can be done through various means, such as burning it symbolically or burying it in a special place. The physical act of letting go enhances the emotional process, allowing you to move forward with renewed strength.


Writing letters to let go of pain is a powerful tool in our journey towards healing. It Is Well Living Church encourages you to explore this therapeutic practice as a means to find peace, forgiveness, and personal growth. Embrace the freedom that comes with releasing the weight of past hurts, and trust that brighter days lie ahead.

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Tom O'Dowd
This practice has greatly aided me on my healing journey. Highly recommend trying it out!
Nov 8, 2023
Wayne Perry
This article really speaks to me. Writing letters has been a game-changer in my journey towards healing and inner peace.
Oct 15, 2023
Ashley Burt
This is a great approach to healing and finding inner peace. Writing letters can truly be a powerful and therapeutic tool.
Oct 4, 2023