SATURDAY, JUNE 25TH: Mass with Fr. James Martin, SJ

Dec 14, 2019

Join us for a Heartwarming Mass

At It Is Well Living Church, we are delighted to invite you to join us on Saturday, June 25th for a special Mass led by the renowned Father James Martin, SJ. This highly anticipated event promises to be a deeply spiritual and fulfilling experience for all who attend.

A Celebration of Faith and Beliefs

As a community centered around faith and beliefs, we understand the importance of coming together to celebrate and deepen our connection with God. This Mass with Father James Martin, SJ provides a unique opportunity to strengthen our faith and immerse ourselves in the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Experience the Wisdom of Fr. James Martin, SJ

Fr. James Martin, SJ is a renowned Catholic priest, author, and speaker known for his profound wisdom and ability to connect with people of all backgrounds. Through his engaging presence and thought-provoking sermons, Fr. Martin has touched the lives of countless individuals seeking spiritual guidance and inspiration.

Come Together as a Community

At It Is Well Living Church, we firmly believe in the strength of community and the power of shared faith. This Mass provides an ideal opportunity to come together and unite as one, supporting and uplifting each other on our spiritual journeys.

Engage in a Sacred Ritual

As we gather for this Mass, we will actively participate in a sacred ritual that has been a cornerstone of Catholic worship for centuries. Through prayer, Scripture readings, and the sacrament of the Eucharist, we will engage in a meaningful and transformative experience that nourishes our souls and deepens our relationship with God.

A Welcoming and Inclusive Environment

At It Is Well Living Church, we strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all individuals seeking spiritual growth and connection. Regardless of your background, age, or previous religious experiences, we embrace everyone with open arms, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Join Us on June 25th

We wholeheartedly invite you to join us on Saturday, June 25th for this unforgettable Mass with Fr. James Martin, SJ. Mark your calendars and come prepared to be inspired, uplifted, and moved by the power of faith and community.

For more information and to reserve your spot, please visit our website or contact our church office. We look forward to welcoming you into our loving and faith-filled community.

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Mary-Ann Richens
🙏 Looking forward to joining Fr. James Martin, SJ for a heartfelt Mass on Saturday, June 25th at It Is Well Living Church! It's a celebration of faith and beliefs that promises to be truly inspiring. See you there! 🌟
Nov 11, 2023