The gospel and race: An interview with Jordan Rice

Nov 26, 2022
Interview with Father Edward Doran (Father Ed)

The Intersection of Faith, Race, and Community

Welcome to It Is Well Living Church's thought-provoking interview with Jordan Rice, where we explore the profound connection between the gospel, race, and building a harmonious community. In today's world, racial harmony and inclusion are critical in fostering a society grounded in love and acceptance.

The Power of the Gospel in Shaping Perspectives

Understanding the Shared Humanity

In this revealing interview, Jordan Rice, a prominent advocate for social justice, sheds light on how the gospel has the power to shape our perspectives and transform our understanding of racial dynamics. Rice emphasizes that we are all created in the image of God, with inherent worth and dignity, regardless of our racial backgrounds.

Promoting Unity and Breaking Down Barriers

It Is Well Living Church firmly believes that the gospel is a unifying force that helps eradicate prejudice and dismantle systemic racism. Our community actively engages in initiatives that promote racial harmony, encourage deep conversations, and provide a safe space to address the challenges faced by different racial communities.

Fostering Racial Inclusion and Equality

Embracing Diversity within the Church

It Is Well Living Church recognizes the importance of inclusivity within the body of Christ. Our church family embraces individuals from all racial backgrounds, promoting a welcoming environment where each person can contribute their unique gifts and experiences to the betterment of the entire congregation. We firmly believe that by celebrating diversity, we enhance our collective spiritual growth.

Equipping the Community for Action

We go beyond simply acknowledging the need for racial equality. It Is Well Living Church actively equips its members with the knowledge and resources needed to address racial injustice in their everyday lives. Through educational programs, workshops, and events, we empower our community to take a stand against racism and actively work towards positive change.

Building Bridges in the Wider Society

A Call to Love and Reconciliation

It Is Well Living Church believes that the gospel compels us to actively engage with the wider society and promote racial reconciliation. We encourage our members to participate in community outreach programs, engage in dialogues with other faith-based organizations, and collaborate with local initiatives aimed at creating a more inclusive and just society.

Advocating for Lasting Change

We understand that challenging societal norms and dismantling systemic racism requires persistence and determination. It Is Well Living Church actively advocates for lasting change, leveraging our influence to voice concerns, engage in peaceful protests, and support policy initiatives that address racial disparities. We believe that collective action is essential in creating a society where love triumphs over hate and racial barriers crumble.

Join the Movement for an Inclusive Society

The gospel compels us to work towards racial harmony and equality. It Is Well Living Church invites you to join our mission of fostering a more inclusive society and promoting racial reconciliation. Together, we can break down barriers, bridge divides, and build a community where people from all racial backgrounds are valued, respected, and loved.

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Jay Motwani
Great interview highlighting the crucial role of the gospel in promoting racial harmony and building a united community.
Oct 17, 2023