The Emptiness of Getting What You Want

Dec 20, 2020
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Welcome to It Is Well Living Church, where we delve into deep insights and provide guidance on matters of faith and beliefs. In this thought-provoking article, we explore the concept of pursuing what you want and the emptiness it often brings. Join us in this journey of self-reflection and discover a path to true fulfillment.

The Allure of Wanting

In our modern society, we are constantly bombarded with messages that encourage us to pursue our desires. We are made to believe that material possessions and personal achievements are the key to happiness and contentment. However, as we dig deeper, we begin to realize that getting what we want does not bring lasting fulfillment.

The Pursuit of Material Wealth

Many individuals devote their lives to amassing material wealth, convinced that it will bring them happiness and satisfaction. Yet, if we pause for a moment and reflect, we find that the acquisition of material possessions only provides temporary pleasure. The emptiness lingers, as our desires keep evolving and our possessions lose their allure.

The Trap of Personal Achievements

Similarly, the pursuit of personal achievements - be it climbing the corporate ladder, winning accolades, or gaining recognition - often ends up leaving us feeling unfulfilled. We set goals, work tirelessly to achieve them, and celebrate our accomplishments. But once we attain what we seek, a sense of emptiness creeps in, as the joy quickly fades away.

Finding True Fulfillment

So, how can we break free from this cycle of emptiness and find true fulfillment in life? It is through faith and beliefs that we can discover a deeper purpose and meaning beyond our immediate desires.

The Power of Faith

At It Is Well Living Church, we believe that faith provides a solid foundation for a meaningful life. By placing our trust in a higher power, we acknowledge that there is something greater than our personal wants and needs. This perspective allows us to shift our focus from temporary desires to eternal values.

Finding Meaning in Service

Another way to find true fulfillment is by redirecting our energy towards serving others. When we shift our focus from selfish desires to selfless acts of kindness, we experience a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment. Getting what we want may bring momentary pleasure, but helping others brings lasting joy and satisfaction.


As you ponder the emptiness of pursuing what you want, we encourage you to explore the deeper aspects of life that go beyond temporary desires. It Is Well Living Church is here to guide you on a journey of faith and beliefs, providing insights and support along the way. Join us in discovering true fulfillment and a life of purpose.

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Randi Kline
🌌 Reflecting on the pursuit of desires... Are we truly fulfilled when we get what we want? 🤔
Oct 7, 2023