Redeemer Report - Download a Free MP3 of 'Love: The Most Excellent Way' by Tim Keller

May 5, 2022
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About It Is Well Living Church

It Is Well Living Church is a vibrant community of believers committed to living out their faith in today's world. As a part of the Redeemer Churches and Ministries network, we embrace the teachings of Pastor Tim Keller and seek to make a positive impact on our society.

Join Our Redeemer Community

At It Is Well Living Church, we believe in the power of community and the importance of shared beliefs. Join our Redeemer community and discover the joy of fellowship, worship, and spiritual growth. Together, we can make a difference in our world.

Introducing the Redeemer Report

The Redeemer Report is a resource provided by Redeemer Churches and Ministries that offers valuable insights, teachings, and messages from Pastor Tim Keller. It serves as a platform for sharing thought-provoking articles, sermons, and interviews to deepen our understanding of faith and beliefs.

Download 'Love: The Most Excellent Way' by Tim Keller

As a special gift to our visitors, we are offering a free MP3 download of the powerful sermon 'Love: The Most Excellent Way' by Tim Keller. This message explores the transformative power of love and its significance in our relationships with God and others. Don't miss the opportunity to gain wisdom and encouragement through this inspiring teaching.

Exploring Redeemer Churches and Ministries

Redeemer Churches and Ministries is a network of like-minded congregations dedicated to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Led by Pastor Tim Keller, Redeemer seeks to engage with culture, provide strong biblical teaching, and inspire individuals to grow in their faith.

Deepen Your Faith with Redeemer Teachings

If you are seeking to deepen your understanding of Christian principles and strengthen your faith, the teachings of Redeemer Churches and Ministries are a valuable resource. From insightful sermons to thought-provoking articles, these materials will guide you on your spiritual journey.

Get Involved with It Is Well Living Church

As a community-focused church, we offer various opportunities for involvement and service. Whether it's joining a small group, participating in outreach programs, or engaging in worship services, there is a place for everyone at It Is Well Living Church.

Embrace the Most Excellent Way

Inspired by the biblical passage of 1 Corinthians 13, 'Love: The Most Excellent Way' emphasizes the transformative power of love. Through this sermon, Tim Keller invites us to reflect on our relationships and challenges us to embrace love as the guiding force in our lives.

Join Us at It Is Well Living Church

If you are looking for a community that celebrates God's love, deepens faith, and engages with the world, we invite you to join us at It Is Well Living Church. Experience dynamic worship, relevant teachings, and a warm atmosphere where you can connect with others on a meaningful level.


Thank you for visiting It Is Well Living Church, a proud member of the Redeemer Churches and Ministries network. We hope you find the Redeemer Report, the free MP3 download of 'Love: The Most Excellent Way' by Tim Keller, and our community resources valuable in your spiritual journey. Together, let us navigate the path of faith, love, and service.

Scott Osborne
Great message, highly recommend!
Nov 8, 2023
Akin Oruc
This MP3 by Tim Keller is a must-download! Love, the most excellent way.
Oct 17, 2023