Compassion in Action: Hope for New York Distributes 1.3 Million in Grants

Apr 17, 2019
Outreach & Mission


At It Is Well Living Church, we are thrilled to share some incredible news regarding the recent achievements of our partner organization, Hope for New York. In their unwavering commitment to serving the community, Hope for New York has distributed a staggering $1.3 million in grants to various initiatives throughout New York City. This remarkable feat is a testament to our shared vision of bringing hope, compassion, and support to those in need.

Empowering Communities

Hope for New York's mission involves empowering communities and transforming lives through tangible acts of love and service. Their dedicated team works closely with local nonprofits, churches, and volunteers to identify pressing needs and provide targeted support. By strategically allocating grants, they ensure that vital resources reach the most vulnerable populations across the city.

Supporting Education

One significant area of focus for Hope for New York is supporting educational initiatives. They believe that education serves as a powerful catalyst for change and upward mobility. Through their grants, they have enabled the improvement of school facilities, provided scholarships for students from low-income backgrounds, and funded academic enrichment programs.

Combatting Homelessness

The issue of homelessness continues to be a pressing concern in New York City. Hope for New York is dedicated to addressing this challenge head-on. Their grants have supported transitional housing programs, emergency shelters, and initiatives that provide essentials such as food, clothing, and hygiene products. By collaborating with local organizations, they are making a tangible difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

Promoting Health and Well-being

Hope for New York recognizes the importance of promoting health and well-being within communities. They have provided grants to organizations that offer healthcare services, mental health support, and addiction recovery programs. Through these efforts, they are contributing to the overall well-being of individuals and families in need.

Impact and Success Stories

The impact of Hope for New York's grants is truly astounding. Witnessing firsthand the transformative power of compassion is both inspiring and heartwarming. Below are just a few success stories that highlight the incredible work being done:

Building a Future

Thanks to a grant from Hope for New York, a local organization called Building a Future has been able to provide mentorship programs and educational resources to underprivileged youth. Through their tireless efforts, they have witnessed remarkable improvements in academic performance, self-confidence, and future prospects for the children they serve.

Nourishing Lives

A grant received by Nourishing Lives has made a significant impact on combating food insecurity in the city. With the funds, they were able to establish community gardens, distribute nutritious meal packages, and facilitate educational workshops on healthy eating. Families and individuals who were previously struggling to access nourishing food now have a lifeline.

Hope and Healing

Hope and Healing, a counseling center providing specialized trauma care, has expanded its reach to serve more individuals in need of support. Thanks to the generous grant from Hope for New York, they have been able to hire additional therapists, offer therapy scholarships, and extend their services to marginalized communities.


The accomplishments of Hope for New York in distributing $1.3 million in grants demonstrate the profound impact that collective compassion can have on a community. It Is Well Living Church is immensely proud to be associated with such a remarkable organization that is dedicated to serving the people of New York City. Together, we will continue to work hand in hand, changing lives, and fostering hope for a brighter future.