A Twenty-Year-Old Commitment Fulfilled - Redeemer Report

Oct 16, 2017


Welcome to the Redeemer Report, where we share inspiring stories of faith and commitment from It Is Well Living Church, a trusted community and society focused on faith and beliefs. In this article, we delve into the fulfillment of a remarkable twenty-year-old commitment that reflects the unwavering dedication and resilience of our church.

The Journey Leading to the Commitment

It Is Well Living Church was established twenty years ago, with a vision to create a nurturing and inclusive space for individuals seeking spiritual growth and connection with others who share their faith. The journey leading to this commitment has been one of unwavering determination, guided by our core values of love, compassion, and service to others.

A Community United

The commitment we are celebrating today is the result of the collective effort and dedication of our church community. Over the years, our members have stood together, facing challenges with unwavering faith, and supporting one another through difficult times. The synergy within our community has played a crucial role in bringing this commitment to life.

The Promise

Two decades ago, our church leadership made a solemn promise to the congregation - to establish a network of Redeemer Churches and Ministries nationwide, providing spiritual guidance and support to believers across the country. This commitment was born out of a deep desire to expand our reach and impact the lives of more individuals, fostering a strong sense of community wherever our Redeemer Churches would be established.

Overcoming Challenges

Building a network of churches and ministries presents its own set of challenges. Along the way, we encountered financial hurdles, intricate logistics, and the need for dedicated and passionate individuals to lead each new establishment. However, our faith remained unshaken, and our commitment only grew stronger in the face of adversity.

Financial Endeavors

Raising the necessary funds to establish multiple churches and ministries across the country required immense dedication and creativity. Our congregation joined forces, organizing numerous fundraisers, and pooling resources to turn our commitment into a reality. Through these efforts, we not only secured the funds needed but also witnessed the generosity of individuals who shared our vision and supported our mission.

Leadership and Empowerment

Identifying capable leaders to oversee each Redeemer Church and Ministry was a crucial aspect of fulfilling our commitment. Our search for passionate individuals who resonated with our values led us to empower and equip aspiring leaders within our own ranks. Through extensive training programs, mentorship, and guidance, we nurtured individuals who epitomize the spirit of our church, ensuring the success and growth of each establishment.

Celebrating the Fulfilled Commitment

Today, we rejoice as our commitment, made twenty years ago, has been fulfilled. Our network of Redeemer Churches and Ministries now spans the nation, touching the lives of countless individuals seeking spiritual growth and a sense of belonging. Our continued dedication to fostering community and providing unwavering support to believers has resulted in a lasting impact on our society.

Transformed Lives

Through the tireless efforts of our dedicated pastors, leaders, and volunteers, we have witnessed countless lives transformed. Stories of redemption, healing, and renewed hope fill our community, reminding us of the power of faith and the importance of walking this journey together.

Spreading the Message

Expanding our reach and spreading the message of faith and love remains at the heart of our commitment. Through various outreach programs, community engagement initiatives, and online platforms, we actively strive to connect with individuals searching for spiritual guidance and support, regardless of their geographic location.


It Is Well Living Church's journey to fulfill a twenty-year-old commitment has been a testament to the unwavering faith, perseverance, and unity within our community. As we celebrate the milestone of our Redeemer Churches and Ministries, we reflect on the impact we have made and look forward to a future dedicated to spreading the message of love, hope, and unwavering faith.

Thank you for joining us in this incredible journey.

Brock Leach
Impressive dedication after two decades.
Nov 8, 2023