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Mar 7, 2020
Outreach & Mission

Creating a Life of Purpose and Hope

Welcome to LIV Village, a transformative community established by Redeemer Churches and Ministries. At It Is Well Living Church, we are passionate about making a difference in the lives of individuals and families, and LIV Village is one of our key initiatives. Through our faith, we aim to provide a place of shelter, care, and love for orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa.

Our Mission and Values

At It Is Well Living Church, our mission is to empower and uplift communities through our deep-rooted faith and dedication to social justice. Our vision for LIV Village is to create a holistic environment where children can experience the transforming power of love, education, and spiritual guidance. We believe that every child deserves a chance to thrive and grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

Supporting Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

LIV Village not only provides a home for orphaned and vulnerable children but also nurtures and equips them to become future leaders and change-makers. With a focus on education, healthcare, and proper nutrition, we aim to break the cycle of poverty and give these children a brighter future. Through our various initiatives, we address their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, ensuring they receive the support they require to flourish.

Educational Excellence

Education is a vital component of our mission at LIV Village. We strive for excellence in education, offering quality schooling from preschool to high school. Our dedicated team of educators provides a comprehensive curriculum, empowering children with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue their dreams and contribute positively to society. We believe that education is a powerful tool for transformation and empowerment.

Healthcare and Wellness

At LIV Village, we prioritize the health and well-being of our children. We have established medical and wellness facilities to ensure that each child receives proper healthcare and emotional support. Through regular check-ups, nutritious meals, and access to recreational activities, we promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We also prioritize mental health, providing counseling and therapeutic interventions when necessary.

Spiritual Guidance and Faith Formation

Faith forms the foundation of LIV Village. We believe in the transformative power of spiritual guidance and the importance of nurturing the faith of our children. Through regular worship services, discipleship programs, and biblical teachings, we provide a nurturing environment where children can develop a personal relationship with God. We aim to instill values of love, forgiveness, compassion, and integrity, equipping them to become strong individuals of faith.

Get Involved and Make a Difference

At It Is Well Living Church, we recognize the tremendous impact collective effort can have on the lives of others. We invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children at LIV Village. There are several ways you can get involved:

  • Donate: Your financial contribution can help provide essential resources, education, healthcare, and support to the children at LIV Village.
  • Volunteer: Consider dedicating your time and skills to LIV Village. Whether it's teaching, mentoring, or lending a helping hand, your involvement can make a lasting impact.
  • Sponsor a Child: Become a sponsor and forge a meaningful connection with a child in need. Your sponsorship will ensure they receive the care and opportunities they deserve.
  • Spread Awareness: Help us raise awareness about LIV Village and the plight of orphaned and vulnerable children. Share our story, initiatives, and impact on your social channels, community groups, and networks.
  • Pray: Join us in prayer for the children of LIV Village, their futures, and the transformation taking place within this remarkable community.

Join Us in Making a Difference Today

It Is Well Living Church is committed to creating a life of purpose and hope for orphaned and vulnerable children at LIV Village. Together, we can rewrite their futures, giving them the love, care, and opportunities they need to thrive. Join us in this transformative journey and experience the joy of making a lasting impact!

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Stone Kelly
Great initiative! Inspiring compassion.
Nov 10, 2023
Robin Spindel
Empowering lives through compassion.
Oct 5, 2023