2015 Questioning Christianity Sessions

Jul 13, 2018


Welcome to It Is Well Living Church's 2015 Questioning Christianity Sessions, where we delve into the depths of faith, belief, and Christianity. In these thought-provoking sessions, we explore various topics, challenging traditional notions and seeking a deeper understanding of our spiritual journey. Join us on this quest for knowledge and growth as we question, analyze, and discuss the foundations of Christianity.

Session 1: The Historical Jesus

Our first session takes a closer look at the historical Jesus. We examine the life, teachings, and impact of Jesus Christ on humanity. Through meticulous study and analysis of biblical texts, historical documents, and archaeological findings, we seek to uncover the truth behind Jesus' existence and his influence on the development of Christianity.

The Quest for Historical Evidence

Delving into ancient manuscripts, examining extra-biblical sources, and analyzing scholarly debates, we explore the evidence that supports the existence of Jesus as a historical figure. By examining various historical accounts and evaluating their reliability, we aim to paint a comprehensive picture of Jesus' life and mission.

Unraveling the Mystery of Jesus' Teachings

During this session, we closely examine the teachings attributed to Jesus in the New Testament. Through a critical evaluation of the Gospels and comparing them to other religious and philosophical traditions of the time, we explore the significance and impact of Jesus' teachings on shaping Christian belief and spirituality.

Session 2: The Nature of Faith

Exploring the essence of faith, our second session delves into the multifaceted nature of belief and spirituality. We address fundamental questions such as what constitutes faith, how it interacts with reason, and how faith influences our daily lives.

Reason and Faith: A Constructive Dialogue

In this session, we engage in a fruitful dialogue between reason and faith. We explore how they can complement and enrich each other, rather than being mutually exclusive. By examining the philosophical arguments for the existence of God and the compatibility of science and faith, we strive to bridge the gap between seemingly conflicting ideologies.

Faith in Action: Living Out Our Beliefs

During this session, we explore the practical aspects of faith. We discuss how beliefs shape our values, morality, and decision-making processes. Through real-life examples and personal testimonies, we gain insights into how faith can transform individuals and communities, inspiring acts of compassion, justice, and love.

Session 3: Christianity in a Changing World

Our final session tackles the topic of Christianity in the modern world. We examine the challenges faced by Christianity in an ever-evolving society and explore ways to foster a relevant and impactful faith in the midst of rapid cultural shifts.

The Role of Christianity in Contemporary Society

During this session, we analyze the role of Christianity in shaping social, ethical, and political landscapes. We discuss the responsibilities of Christians to tackle contemporary issues such as poverty, injustice, and environmental concerns. By studying historical and current Christian social movements, we gain insights into the potential impact faith communities can have on society.

Embracing Diversity: Christianity and Interfaith Dialogue

In this session, we explore the importance of interfaith dialogue and understanding in a pluralistic world. With respect and empathy, we engage in conversations with individuals from different religious backgrounds, seeking common ground and fostering mutual respect. By illuminating shared values and exploring theological differences, we aim to promote harmony and peaceful coexistence among diverse faith communities.


It Is Well Living Church's 2015 Questioning Christianity Sessions offer an unparalleled opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussions and deepen your understanding of faith, belief, and Christianity. Join us as we embark on a journey of intellectual exploration, challenging assumptions, and seeking truth. Together, let us navigate the complexities of spirituality and discover a faith that resonates with our ever-changing world.