Apr 19, 2019
Staff & Leadership

Meet the Faithful Community at It Is Well Living Church

Welcome to It Is Well Living Church – a dynamic faith community dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, building strong relationships, and making a positive impact on society. Our church is a warm and welcoming place where people from all walks of life come together to worship, learn, and serve.

Our Passionate Leaders

At the heart of our church are our dedicated leaders who tirelessly guide and inspire our congregation. From our esteemed pastors to our committed elders, each member of our leadership team is deeply rooted in their faith and driven by a desire to serve others. Their wisdom, guidance, and unwavering commitment to our values make It Is Well Living Church a pillar of strength and inspiration in our community.

Our Vibrant Congregation

Our congregation is the lifeblood of It Is Well Living Church. We are a diverse and inclusive community that celebrates unity in faith while embracing the beauty of our individual differences. From young families to seasoned adults, our multi-generational congregation brings a richness of experience and a passion for worship.

Community Involvement

At It Is Well Living Church, we believe in the transformative power of actively participating in the well-being of our society. Our members are engaged in a wide range of community initiatives, including feeding the homeless, organizing educational programs, and supporting local charities. Through these efforts, we aim to make a positive impact in the lives of those around us, fostering a sense of unity and compassion.

Our Inspiring Programs and Ministries

It Is Well Living Church offers a diverse array of programs and ministries designed to meet the unique spiritual needs and interests of our congregation. Whether you're looking for meaningful worship experiences, dynamic youth programs, empowering women's groups, or engaging study groups, our church provides a supportive and nurturing environment for your spiritual growth.

Worship Services

Join us for our inspiring weekly worship services where we come together to praise, sing, and seek spiritual guidance. Our services are filled with uplifting music, meaningful sermons, and opportunities for personal reflection.

Children and Youth Ministries

Our children and youth ministries are designed to ignite the spiritual journey of our younger members. Through engaging activities, age-appropriate teachings, and dedicated mentors, we aim to provide a strong foundation of faith and values that will guide them throughout their lives.

Women's Groups

Our women's groups provide a safe and empowering space for women of all ages to connect, share, and support one another. Through fellowship, mentorship, and engaging discussions, we build strong relationships and cultivate personal growth.

Study Groups and Bible Studies

Expand your knowledge, deepen your faith, and connect with fellow believers through our study groups and Bible studies. These gatherings offer an enriching environment for thought-provoking discussions, spiritual exploration, and personal reflection.

Join the It Is Well Living Church Family

Are you looking for a vibrant and inclusive faith community that fosters personal growth, meaningful connections, and societal impact? It Is Well Living Church welcomes you with open arms. Come and experience the depth of our worship, the warmth of our congregation, and the transformative power of faith in action. Join us on this incredible spiritual journey today!

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like more information about It Is Well Living Church, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'd be delighted to connect with you and provide the answers you seek. Together, let's make a difference!

Michelle Orhan
🙌 Inspiring community bringing hope!
Nov 11, 2023