No Holiness but Social Holiness

Sep 7, 2021
Outreach & Mission

At It Is Well Living Church, we firmly believe in the power of social holiness and its impact on our community and society. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the significance of social holiness, its role in our faith and beliefs, and how it can be showcased through our daily lives.

Understanding Social Holiness

Social holiness goes beyond individual faith and emphasizes the importance of community, compassion, and inclusivity. It encourages believers to actively engage in acts of kindness, justice, and love towards one another, creating a ripple effect that positively impacts society as a whole.

As a category, community and society (faith and beliefs), social holiness stands as a pillar of It Is Well Living Church's mission. We strive to foster an environment where everyone feels valued, supported, and encouraged to live out their faith in a meaningful way.

The Role of Social Holiness

Social holiness plays a crucial role in shaping not only our personal lives but also the world around us. By practicing social holiness, we strengthen our relationships with others, break down barriers, and work towards creating a more just and compassionate society.

This emphasis on social holiness enables us to extend beyond the walls of our church and actively address social issues, such as poverty, inequality, and injustice. By doing so, we hope to inspire others and be agents of positive change in our community.

Living Social Holiness

It Is Well Living Church provides numerous opportunities for our members to actively live out social holiness. Through various outreach programs, volunteering initiatives, and community-building events, we create a platform for individuals to come together and make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

Our dedicated team of volunteers organizes regular community service projects, partnering with local organizations to address specific needs within the community. By volunteering our time, donating resources, and offering support, we aim to uplift those who are marginalized and create a sense of compassion within society.

Impacting Society

When social holiness becomes a core part of our daily lives, we can witness its transformative effect on society. At It Is Well Living Church, we celebrate the stories of individuals whose lives have been touched through our social holiness initiatives.

Through our emphasis on social justice, we advocate for equal rights and fair treatment for all. By promoting inclusivity and acceptance, we strive to create a community where everyone feels welcome and valued, irrespective of their background or beliefs.

Join Us in Social Holiness

If you share our passion for social holiness and making a positive impact on society, we invite you to be a part of It Is Well Living Church. Come join us for our weekly services, engage in our community outreach programs, and experience the transformative power of social holiness firsthand.

Together, let's strive towards building a community and society that reflects the values of love, justice, and compassion. Take a step towards social holiness today!

Mike Ahmann
Interesting perspective on social holiness.
Oct 9, 2023