Jun 5, 2020
Staff & Leadership

Passionate Individuals Committed to Community

At It Is Well Living Church, we are proud to introduce you to our exceptional staff members who play a vital role in our commitment to serving the community. Our dedicated team brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and unwavering dedication to enriching the lives of our congregation and those we serve.

Inspiring Leadership

Pastor John Smith - Guiding Our Congregation with Compassion

As the head of our church, Pastor John Smith leads with compassion, wisdom, and a deep understanding of faith. With over 20 years of experience, Pastor Smith has been instrumental in strengthening our congregation and building bridges within the community. His leadership has inspired countless individuals on their spiritual journeys.

Deacon Sarah Johnson - Nurturing Our Community

Deacon Sarah Johnson plays a crucial role in nurturing our community. With a heart overflowing with love and compassion, she is always available to lend a helping hand, provide guidance, and support those in need. Through her dedication, Sarah embodies the values of our church and serves as an inspiration to all who know her.

Music Ministry - Enhancing Worship Experiences

Choir Director Emily Thompson - Elevating Our Voices

Under the skillful guidance of Choir Director Emily Thompson, our church choir brings heavenly melodies that resonate in our hearts. Emily's passion for music and her dedication to creating powerful and uplifting worship experiences shine through every note. Through her direction, our choir inspires a deeper connection with our faith.

Worship Band Leader Matt Williams - Setting the Rhythm of Worship

The rhythmic beats and harmonious tunes that fill our sanctuary are thanks to the talent of Worship Band Leader Matt Williams. With his expertise in various instruments and his ability to engage the congregation, Matt creates an atmosphere of joyful worship. His leadership encourages unity and spiritual growth among worshippers.

Children & Youth Ministry - Nurturing the Next Generation

Children's Ministry Director Jessica Martinez - Guiding Young Hearts

Jessica Martinez has dedicated her career to nurturing young hearts and minds. As our Children's Ministry Director, she creates engaging and educational programs that help children develop a strong foundation in faith. Jessica's warm and nurturing approach ensures a safe space for our youngest members to explore and grow spiritually.

Youth Ministry Coordinator Brian Adams - Empowering the Future

Brian Adams brings boundless energy and a passion for empowering the next generation of leaders as our Youth Ministry Coordinator. Brian's creative approach to incorporating faith into the lives of our youth paves the way for personal growth, community engagement, and lasting connections with their spirituality.

Outreach and Community Engagement

Community Service Coordinator Rachel Mitchell - Making a Difference Together

Rachel Mitchell spearheads our community service initiatives, making a positive impact on the lives of those in need. With her dedication to serving others, Rachel coordinates volunteer opportunities, outreach programs, and partnerships with local organizations to address the diverse needs of our community.

Mission Trips Coordinator David Thompson - Expanding Our Horizons

David Thompson's passion for spreading love and hope beyond our doors drives our mission trips. As the Mission Trips Coordinator, David organizes life-changing experiences that allow our congregation to serve communities around the world. Together, we embrace different cultures, extend helping hands, and share the message of faith.

Building Connections

Member Care Coordinator Jennifer Wilson - Nurturing Our Church Family

Jennifer Wilson is our Member Care Coordinator, extending a caring and supportive hand to our church family. Whether it's celebrating milestones, providing comfort in challenging times, or organizing fellowship events, Jennifer ensures that our congregation feels loved, connected, and supported throughout their faith journey.

Administrative Manager Michael Brown - Behind the Scenes

Michael Brown serves as our Administrative Manager, ensuring the smooth operation of our church. With exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail, he supports our staff, manages resources, and oversees the daily administrative tasks. Michael plays a vital role in enabling our church to fulfill its mission.

Join Us and Experience It Is Well Living Church

We invite you to meet our incredible staff and experience the warmth, love, and sense of community that Slackwood Presbyterian Church - It Is Well Living Church brings. Through their dedication and passion, our staff members guide us on our spiritual journeys, nurture our children, serve the community, and inspire us to live a life of faith.

Join us for worship, engage in enriching programs, and discover your place within our church family. Together, we can make a difference and create a vibrant, inclusive, and strong community, driven by our shared faith.

Visit our website to learn more about our church, explore our ministries, and get involved in the It Is Well Living Church community today.

Matthew Nelson
It's wonderful to see the passion and commitment of the staff at Slackwood Presbyterian Church. Each member brings their expertise to serve and enrich the lives of the congregation and the community. Kudos to Pastor John Smith for his inspiring leadership. This church is a shining example of what it means to truly care for others.
Nov 10, 2023