Clergy, Staff & Leaders

Dec 26, 2018
Staff & Leadership

Passionate Individuals Guiding It Is Well Living Church

At It Is Well Living Church, we are fortunate to have a team of dedicated clergy, staff, and leaders who work together tirelessly to fulfill our mission of spreading love, hope, and faith within the community. Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and unwavering commitment to serving others.

Experienced Clergy Devoted to Spiritual Nurturing

Our clergy members form the heart and soul of It Is Well Living Church. They are highly trained and experienced individuals who have devoted their lives to guiding others on their spiritual journey. With their deep understanding of religious teachings, they provide spiritual nourishment to our congregation through engaging sermons, insightful teachings, and compassionate counseling.

Rev. John Smith - Lead Pastor

Rev. John Smith, our esteemed Lead Pastor, is a seasoned spiritual leader with over 20 years of experience in pastoral ministry. Known for his inspiring sermons and exceptional leadership, Rev. Smith brings wisdom and guidance to our church community. His passion for connecting with people and helping them deepen their relationship with the divine is truly remarkable.

Rev. Sarah Johnson - Associate Pastor

Rev. Sarah Johnson, our dedicated Associate Pastor, radiates compassion and empathy. With her gentle yet impactful approach, she nurtures our congregation by providing spiritual support and guidance. Rev. Johnson's extensive knowledge of scripture combined with her commitment to social justice makes her an invaluable asset to our church family.

Committed Staff Making a Difference

Behind every successful church, there is a team of passionate staff members who work diligently behind the scenes to ensure smooth operations and enriching experiences for all. At It Is Well Living Church, our staff members are committed to creating a warm, welcoming environment where individuals can thrive both spiritually and personally.

Emily Davis - Church Administrator

As our Church Administrator, Emily Davis plays a crucial role in managing the day-to-day affairs of our church. Her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail keep everything running smoothly. Whether coordinating events or supporting our clergy and staff, Emily's dedication and efficiency are evident in all aspects of her work.

David Thompson - Music Director

David Thompson, our talented Music Director, infuses our worship services with joy and inspiration through his remarkable musical abilities. With a passion for creating harmonious melodies, David leads our choir and musicians to create a spiritual atmosphere that touches the hearts of all who attend our services.

Guided by Strong Leaders

It Is Well Living Church is guided by exceptional leaders who oversee various committees and contribute their expertise to the overall growth and development of our community. Their commitment to serving others and their strong leadership skills are instrumental in shaping our church into a place of love, inclusivity, and personal growth.

Mary Johnson - Board Chair

Mary Johnson, our esteemed Board Chair, is a respected leader within our church community. Her strategic thinking, passion for social outreach, and dedication to promoting unity make her an influential figure in shaping our church's vision and direction. Mary's leadership inspires those around her to take an active role in building a vibrant and compassionate community.

Robert Davis - Finance Committee Chair

Robert Davis, our Finance Committee Chair, brings his expertise in finance and sound stewardship to ensure the financial well-being of our church. With his keen eye for detail and prudent decision-making, Robert ensures that our resources are managed responsibly, allowing us to continue serving the community effectively.

Building a Strong and Inclusive Community

At It Is Well Living Church, our clergy, staff, and leaders work collaboratively to foster a strong, inclusive, and loving community. Together, we strive to create an environment where individuals can connect deeply with their faith, find support during life's challenges, and experience the transformative power of divine love.

Commitment to Community Engagement

We firmly believe in actively engaging with the community we serve. Through various outreach programs, volunteer initiatives, and partnerships with local organizations, It Is Well Living Church aims to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families. Our clergy, staff, and leaders actively participate in community events and work tirelessly to address the needs of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Providing Spiritual Guidance and Support

It Is Well Living Church is not just a place of worship; it is a sanctuary where individuals can find solace, strength, and guidance. Our dedicated clergy members and staff are always available to provide spiritual counseling, offer a listening ear, and support individuals in their personal and spiritual growth. We believe in nurturing a sense of belonging and fostering deep connections within our community.

Join Our Welcoming Community

Whether you are new to the faith or seeking a nurturing community to call home, we warmly invite you to join us at It Is Well Living Church. Connect with our passionate clergy, dedicated staff, and vibrant leaders as we continue to serve the community with love, compassion, and unwavering faith. Together, we can make a difference.

Joseph Chao
Great team making a difference!
Nov 8, 2023
Tim Dewitz
Impressive dedication!
Oct 14, 2023