Donate to the Roosevelt Organ Project

Jun 29, 2019

Preserving History and Celebrating Music at It Is Well Living Church

Welcome to the It Is Well Living Church, where we strive to preserve history, celebrate music, and create a sense of community. We are excited to introduce you to the Roosevelt Organ Project, a monumental initiative aimed at restoring and maintaining the iconic Roosevelt organ.

Unveiling a Legacy

The Roosevelt organ holds a significant place in the history and culture of our church. Built over a century ago, this magnificent instrument has witnessed countless worship services and musical performances, leaving an indelible mark on our community.

As time has taken its toll on the Roosevelt organ, we have embarked on an ambitious project to restore its former glory. Through painstaking efforts, we are dedicated to preserving this important part of our church's heritage.

Why Donate?

Your support in the form of donations plays a crucial role in the success of the Roosevelt Organ Project. By contributing, you directly contribute to the restoration, maintenance, and future development of this cherished musical treasure.

As a donor, you become a part of the effort to keep this historical instrument alive. Your contribution helps ensure that future generations can experience the stunning sounds and rich history that the Roosevelt organ has to offer.

Furthermore, your donations enable us to organize concerts, workshops, and educational programs on the subject of organ music, enriching the cultural life of our community. The Roosevelt Organ Project is not just about restoration, but also about bringing people together through the joy of music.

How to Support the Roosevelt Organ Project

Contributing to the Roosevelt Organ Project is quick and easy. Simply visit our website, navigate to the donation page, and choose the amount you would like to donate. Every dollar counts, and we are immensely grateful for your generosity.

In addition to monetary donations, we also welcome volunteers who are passionate about preserving history and promoting organ music. If you have skills or expertise that could aid in the restoration process, we would love to hear from you.

Restoration Process

The restoration process of the Roosevelt organ is a meticulous endeavor. We have assembled a team of experts in organ restoration who understand the historical significance and unique challenges associated with this project.

The process involves analyzing the current condition of the organ, identifying areas that require repair or replacement, cleaning and refurbishing individual components, and fine-tuning the intricate mechanisms that produce the organ's majestic sound.

Through extensive research and collaboration with specialists, we aim to ensure that the restoration remains faithful to the original craftsmanship while incorporating modern techniques to enhance its longevity and performance.

A Musical Legacy for Generations to Come

Your donation to the Roosevelt Organ Project at It Is Well Living Church ensures that this glorious instrument will continue to inspire and uplift our community for years to come. By contributing, you become a part of history, helping to preserve an integral part of our cultural heritage.

Join us in celebrating faith, music, and community by making a donation to the Roosevelt Organ Project today. Together, we can ensure that the legacy of this magnificent organ lives on, captivating hearts and souls through its divine melodies.

Viviana Picchiarelli
Thank you for sharing this wonderful initiative! Preserving history and celebrating music are truly important endeavors. The Roosevelt Organ Project sounds amazing and I'm thrilled to learn more about its restoration. Keep up the great work, It Is Well Living Church!
Nov 11, 2023