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Nov 25, 2018
Staff & Leadership


Welcome to the profile page of Megan Petersen, MA, a valued member of It Is Well Living Church. In this section, we will delve into Megan's background, educational qualifications, and her significant contributions to the community. Megan's passion for faith and belief has shaped her role within our church and made her an essential part of our community.

Background and Education

Megan Petersen, MA, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to It Is Well Living Church. With a strong educational foundation, she is equipped to provide guidance and support to our congregation. Megan holds a Master's degree in Theology from a prestigious institution, specializing in religious studies and pastoral care.

Throughout her academic journey, Megan developed a deep understanding of various faiths and their significance in society. Her comprehensive knowledge allows her to connect with individuals from different backgrounds and foster unity within our diverse community.

Role at It Is Well Living Church

Megan Petersen actively contributes to the growth and development of It Is Well Living Church. As a dedicated member, she serves as a spiritual advisor, offering guidance and counseling to those in need. Her compassionate nature and empathetic listening skills create a safe and trusting environment for individuals seeking support.

In addition to her role as a spiritual advisor, Megan also plays a crucial part in organizing community events and outreach programs. She supports our mission of spreading love, hope, and faith by actively engaging with various community groups and promoting unity among different congregations.

Contributions to the Community

Megan Petersen's contributions extend beyond the confines of It Is Well Living Church. She is deeply committed to improving the lives of those around her and actively engages in charitable endeavors. Through her involvement in local initiatives, Megan has made a significant impact on the lives of many individuals.

As a dedicated advocate for social justice, Megan actively participates in community organizations working towards equality and inclusivity. Her passion for justice fuels her drive to bring positive change and make a difference in the lives of marginalized communities.


Megan Petersen, MA, embodies the values of It Is Well Living Church and is a pillar of support for our community. Her educational qualifications, compassionate nature, and dedication to creating a united and inclusive society make her an invaluable asset. Megan's vast knowledge and contributions to the community have positively impacted countless lives.

If you are seeking spiritual guidance, a caring community, or want to get involved in making a difference, we encourage you to connect with Megan and the It Is Well Living Church family. Together, we can foster a strong sense of faith, belief, and harmony within our larger community.

Tom Politowski
Congratulations Megan Petersen on your valuable contributions to It Is Well Living Church!
Oct 14, 2023